Manic Rider Game -

Manic Rider

Manic Rider is a bike stunt adventure game that is extremely fun. The object of the game is to progress through each level and score the highest score possible by executing tricks throughout the game. In the beginning you'll have the option of practicing to get your skills right before the actual gameplay. While the game is not necessarily hard, it may be better for you to practice, because it can be easy to crash if you're not use to the control.

To execute a trick press Z,X,C,V or B while in the air. Be careful though, you'll need to gauge how much time you have left while in the air. If you land while you're in the middle of a trick then you'll have to start all over and you'll lose the trick points you earned during the beginning of the level. Enjoy best casino online and win jackpot! The best way to be successful in Manic Rider is to balance the bike properly. Make sure your bike is even when the rider lands, and try to go as fast as possible without pulling back on the bike too much.